New Life Ministries

New Life Ministries
Blue Danube Discovery River Cruise

May 1-8, 2024

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Payment Schedule

Date Amount Due: Cruise Only Amount Due: Cruise & Tour
With Registration $1,000.00 per person $1,500.00 per person
August 5, 2023 $500.00 per person $500.00 per person
November 15, 2023 $500.00 per person $500.000 per person
January 2, 2024 $500.00 per person $500.000 per person
February 1, 2024 Balance Due Balance Due

Cancellation Schedule

Days Prior to Travel Cruise — Stateroom Cruise — Suite Land Program(s)
Administrative Fee (+241 days) $100.00 per person $100.00 per person
240 - 181 days prior to departure $350.00 per person $500.00 per person
180 - 121 days prior to departure $500.00 per person $1,000.00 per person 10% of Gross Total
120 - 90 days prior to departure 35% of Gross Total 35% of Gross Total 35% of Gross Total
89 - 46 days prior to departure 65% of Gross Total 65% of Gross Total 65% of Gross Total
45 - 0 days prior to departure 100% of Gross Total 100% of Gross Total 100% of Gross Total

Terms & Conditions

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Mobility Requirements


A reasonable degree of mobility is required for all passengers on this program.
Most of the guided tours provided on your cruise are walking tours. Many historic villages in Europe are located on hilltops, where it is necessary to walk up and down hilly, cobblestone streets that may have narrow passageways. Ships docked in port are often rafted side-by-side to another river ship. Passengers are then required to ascend and descend flights of 12 or more stairs to walk up to observation deck, down to gang planks to enter or exit the rafted ships. To participate in tours and get on and off the ship, travelers must be able to walk unaccompanied.

Disabilities and Wheelchairs
Persons with a walking disability or an injury, or who require a wheelchair/scooter or other mobility device, must have another dedicated person traveling with them to assist/push etc. The ship's crew and other cruise guests are not available to assist persons with limited mobility. On customized pre or post cruise land programs, the Expanding Horizons tour manager is authorized to remove, or ask to leave from the tour, any traveler incapable of, unwilling to, or impeding the overall movement and progress of the tour group.